Help From Above

Welcome to my site!

I hope you'll enjoy it. I love to share what I've learned to encourage others.  


You will discover foundational truths explained and some interesting articles others have written. And then, I have blog articles to share.

God Kept His Word, by Bill Brinkworth

The reasons that you can know and trust

that he has given us a perfect Bible: the KJV.


An Understandable History of the Bible 

by Samuel C. Gipp  Th. D.

The story of how we got 

   the King James Bible.




 Be Sure You Know the Difference: 

Cult or Denomination?


Three things to look for that can

help us discern false teaching.





Safe and Secure,  by Matt Costella. 

Solid reasons why you can be confident

that God's salvation can never be lost.



 Legs to Stand On, by Rev. Charles Cooper

 An overview of all of the rapture

 perspectives  out there that helps you

 see which view best supports the Bible. 





 A variety of articles:

Bible study, personal experience, 

and others to share.



My Story


Do you know God?  I'd like the share

the story of how I came to know him.

He found me, and changed my life.